You SHOULD already know that the fine folks at Ars Nova, creators of that bad ass mofo Black Dynamite, have combined with the animation team from The Boondocks to bring a brand new Black Dynamite cartoon to Adult Swim in 2012, but you can watch the pilot to the show right now in the video below. Sex, violence, pimps, cussing, puppets, kids with guns...
Do I really have to CONVINCE you to watch this? REALLY?!?

That Frog Kurtis got fed up with teaching your kids the basics they SHOULD have been getting in school, and flips on the government spooks who put him on teevee, becoming the world's biggest pimp. When he plans to have kids rob their parents, the feds call in Black Dynamite to set him straight.
The crew (which includes GhettoManga favorites Carl Jones and LeSean Thomas) turned in some ridiculous animation on this pilot. Like that 3rd season of Boondocks, the Black Dynamite pilot features art so clean, you could pause at just about any spot and have a KILLER (though maybe not safe for work) wallpaper. The art is sharp and aggressive, and straddles the line between simplicity and complexity. They are looking to take full advantage of the lax censorship standards at Adult Swim, which plays so well with the blaxploitation themes in the original Black Dynamite film.
I was especially happy to see that Michael Jai White and the other actors from the film played it smart and opted to reprise their roles for the cartoon. This can only help their careers, as the success of a Black Dynamite cartoon pretty much guarantees that they'll be brought back for the inevitable sequel[s]. Besides which it really adds to the charm of the franchise. Anyways, let me know what you think...



andy said...

This sshould really sparkel some comments. I'm looking forward to it. Please share some info on it as the time gets closer. Kudos

corance said...

I like it. It was pretty funny. I have to say, I'm against blaxploitation and exploitation in general. But, not so much that I can't enjoy it.

I'm cool with this as a series if they can keep the quality up, but I don't need this sort of thing becoming the norm.

Samax said...

I'm not necessarily a huge fan of the genre, but there's nothing wrong with it as long as there are others to choose from.

If you haven't read it before, I recommend "World of Hurt". That's a great webcomic that reads more like a straight period piece. But it bills itself as blaxploitation too.

I pre-ordered the hardcover collection. Can't wait to read it!

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