#begBorrowSteal- "Ultimate X: Origins" by Jeph Loeb & Art Adams

Guest post by Michael Lagocki
The Ultimate X: Origins graphic novel is a must buy for superhero fans. I’ll try to quickly (har) break down why and then leave the rest to your good senses.

The Story

Even if you don’t read the Ultimate Universe, any fan of the X-men can feel this. We all wish we had more X books this good on our shelves. All you need to know storywise going in is that in the Ultimate Universe, the @$#& has seriously hit the fan. Most of the X-men are dead. This is a book about the very beginnings of picking up the pieces. That gives it a raw, new and on-the-run spirit that the X-men books rarely have anymore.

The Characters

It's loaded with great characters. Sabertooth, Jean Grey, the Hulk, Quicksilver, and several new characters that are all well-written and drawn. Everyone has a distinct voice and backstory. New addition Jimmy Hudson (Wolverine’s son) is a great invention. Loeb doesn’t overdo it and the character is believable and likeable.

The Writing

By far my favorite Jeph Loeb script. Usually I find him to be predictable and too mainstreamy, but he’s in top form here. He clearly loves to write for Art Adams (and who wouldn’t?). It’s air-tight. I don’t think he wastes a scene in all five issues.
    The tagline on the promo posters for this series was “THERE ARE NO RULES”. Loeb embraces that spirit and runs with it. He treats the Ultimate Universe like a playground where you can do stories they wouldn’t have the stones to do on the other side. As it should be.

The Art

…is where it’s really at. Arthur Adams is the best superhero artist in all of comics. I know he’s not as prolific as anyone would like him to be, but it’s a damn fact that he draws incredible action, women, environments, monsters, heroes, and everything else that makes a comic a comic.
 He’s in top form on Ultimate X, as good as any book he’s ever done. The environments here are what really sets things apart. Whether the scene is in a shopping mall, a parking lot, a high school, or on a train, you know exactly where you are. It feels like a real place.
    Lots of expressive body language in his diverse cast of characters too. As well as Loeb gives them different voices, Adams gives them unique form and movement. He’s that good.
   And Peter Steigerwald is off the charts on the colors, so the whole thing is really a slam dunk visually.

Bottom Line

Characters. Story. Script. Art. Fight scenes. Excitement. Explosions. Girls. Mutants. Kicks. Broken jaw.

Sigh. More like this. 
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Arkonbey said...


I may have to check this out. I've been an Art Adams fan since I picked up his New Mutants annual 85 (I think). Longshot was awesome and his FF vs. a lone Skrull was wonderful (alas mine was loaned out and never returned).

That said, I don't like his new art as much. Technically, it's very solid but it lacks the energy of his earlier works. I think its because, unlike Alan Davis, Art changed his style to match the newer (over-) coloring styles.

But, my thoughts on coloring is another annoyingly long comment.

samax amen said...

Yeah, Art Adams provided the cornerstone that most of the Image class of artists built their fame and fortunes on.

I'd tend to agree about his arc of his body of work. His earlier stuff was more cartoony, but still more realistic than his peers (in America anyways). I'm still not a huge fan of modern coloring in comics. There are people that do it really well, but I don't want it to be the standard. In other news, nobody cares what I want. LOL!

I was reading a comic yesterday that would have been much better in black and white. The inks appeared to be very nice, but the colorist's obsession with dark purple was totally muddying the page.

Anyways, never worry about the length of your comments on this blog... I don't get that many comments, so I have plenty of time to read them.

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