Kickstart THIS- "Goblyn: Volume 1 + 2" by Solomon Mars

I'm letting you know now so you have plenty of time: the flash-based fantasy joint Goblyn by Solomon Mars is probably my favorite webcomic, and he's just launched a Kickstarter campaign to get up the bread to print the first couple volumes. This is your chance to get down with something fun and original by a talented young visionary, so don't say nobody let you in on it...

Goblyn is a fantasy/action story following the adventures of Jeph, a grilchy* young logiksmith (sorcerer) and war orphan. He roams the countryside with his wise and mysterious friend Sankofah (a wise old logiksmith trapped in the form of a small sprite). Jeph and Sank can join their powers together to become Goblyn when the need arises, as it often does in the slug-eat-slug world Mars has built for them to inhabit.
"Goblyn is actually based on a series of different dreams I was having in a reoccurring world, going as far back as 1999..." Solomon says, speaking of the Goblyn universe. "The world and events going on were so interesting that I started to write them down and sketch out what ever I could remember."

 And of course, there's a girl. Jeph and Sankofah eventually meet up with Ami, a refugee who gloms onto Jeph to protect her from a cult-like organization that's after her. The cult is after her magical slug Mumu for reasons unknown. Their reasons are probably bad (they are a cult, after all!), since they are willing to kill and destroy to get the little guy, who has bonded with Ami. Without forcing it, rushing it or telegraphing his punches, Mars has built a nice relationship between his characters, including Jeph and Ami.

The characters are nomadic, moving from town to town each with his or her own goals, which they are not always up front about. As a result, the story simultaneously has the feel of a quest and an unfolding mystery. Mars keeps the expository world-building from being too slow or boring by introducing new creatures, characters and dangers as often as possible.

There are currently 20 issues of the widescreen comic online, of which I have probably read about three fourths (that's 15 issues... get your math skills up!). I could not speak more highly of a webcomic, and I was excited to hear that Smars was taking the step to start printing. The first chapter of Goblyn will be 122 pages including bonus material, and the second will be 165 pages.  I already pledged enough to get a copy of the first volume and some extra goodies, and I recommend you to click here to do the same.



corance said...

Goblyn is an awesome comic. I'm interested to see how it translates to print.

samax amen said...

I've talked to him about it. He's going to do big one panel pages. That's why the volumes will be so long.

It's an interesting experiment...

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