PREVIEW- Wet Moon Volume 6 by Ross Campbell (MAD SPOILERS!!!)

To make up for the delayed release of the sixth volume of his girl-infested slice-of-life(ish) graphic novel series Wet Moon, Ross Campbell is leaking pages periodically on his blog, but if this preview will give away the cliffhanger ending of volume 5, so don't cry to me about spoilers if you decide (of your own free will to peep the preview below!

Ross is a master of writing and drawing girls doing nothing, and being some kind of evil genius, he is folding horror/suspense/action sensibilities into Wet Moon now, and his other books like The Abandoned and Shadoweyes have already demonstrated that he's pretty effin' good at that stuff too... As my wife and I are both totally hooked on Wet Moon, October 2012 can't come fast enough... 



ross said...

aw, thanks for the plugs, man! i always truly appreciate it, it really means a lot. :)

i'm crossing all my fingers that you and your lady will like volume 6!!! i hope i don't let you two down but i have a feeling i won't.. :D

samax amen said...

Yeah, you're good... we're both excited to read it!

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