"God almighty split the hydrogen in two. Vex took in oxygen, grabbed the mic and blew..." -Vex da Vortex

I remember buying this record back when it came out. I was in college, and was meeting lots of cats that were... okay, I'm just gonna say it: They were listening to wack hip hop! The reasons for this were various, but whatever the case, I was not tryin'a stand for it! Many times I had to take them into the room, shut the door, put in the Boogie Monsters' flyer-than-a flier-to-a-hiphop-jam debut album Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album, turn the volume up, and let the magic happen...



Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

*Nods head in furious agreement! Love this LP!

MarshallPlex said...

So classic bro! A lot of times I repeat the hook "honeydips in gothem" when the urge comes and 9 times out of 10 no one has a clue what im talking about... God Sound is a classic album too!

samax amen said...

"On behalf of my LORD I use my tongue as a sword. No form in particular, perpendicular..."

I freaking LOVE this record. I love dropping lines off this record at people to see if they are real heads or not! LOL!

lightsleepers said...

nuff respect. on this post. just found your site and im diggin it. peace from Hawaii.

ktc - Lightsleepers

samax amen said...

good looking out, KTC! nuff respect to the lightsleepers crew. See you 'round!

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