PREVIEW- Defenders #6 (mostly because Misty Knight's on the cover...)

 I like all the characters in The Defenders, but for some reason, putting them all on one team under that moniker almost guarantees the book will be super-lame. I know there is a legion of people who love the kooky Defenders stories of times past, AND I see that the book is written by The Immortal Iron Fist scribe Matt Fraction, but that doesn't get my hopes up either. On the other hand, Misty Knight's on the cover of this one, so...

To me, the Defenders are like the L.A. Clippers of the Marvel Universe. They have their fans. They might have a good run every now and then... but over all, it's just a losing franchise. BUT... I didn't post this to rag on the Defenders (or the Clippers, for that matter)... This preview actually ALMOST makes me wanna buy it! Iron Fist as a leader of a super-team is a pretty intriguing concept. Bringing in the Immortal Weapons is a slick bit o' honey by Matt Fraction ... almost as if he is still writing the Iron Fist book, just adding lots of superguys to Danny and Misty's supporting cast. From what I can tell, Terry and Rachel Dodson were providing art early on in the series, so either this dude Victor Ibanez is a fill in, or the mice have already started abandoning a sinking ship. 
Not a great sign for the future of The Defenders... Let's hope the series continues. Fraction appears to be up to something with Misty and Danny, and I'd like him to get a chance to show us what it is.


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