"Ghetto Gospel for the masses. My novel's graphic..." -Napoleon Da Legend

Good morning, children... slow down and peep the new video Junk Yard Dog featuring one of my favorite emcees, Napoleon Da Legend. This joint was shot by hip hop documentarian Crazy Al Cayne for his video & album series The Sugar Cayne Experiment...

This track is off The Sugar Cayne Experiment Volume 1: Napoleon Da Legend, 'pon which Napoleon brings his weapons-grade lyricism together with an archive of beats Cayne crafted in 1995 to create a 10-track record worthy of the glory days of hip hop.

I already wrote a few words about this
ambitious record, so I won't get into it here... but suffice to say, you will not find a record for free that is this dope anywhere. Even if it cost ten bucks, I would still tell you to cop it by any means, so since it's free, I will go so far as to say that you NEED to click here to download it if you haven't layed hands on it already! 

As for Napoleon, he is in beast mode right now. He recently recorded a song with Raekwon of the mighty Wu-Tang Clan who said of Napoleon "When I first heard the beat by Napoleon Da Legend, I knew it was gonna be special, but when I heard his vocals and the beat combined, it reminded me of myself being a hungry cat coming up, 'bout to take the game by storm," Raekwon said, referring to the collabo single Oxygen.

"I'm very conscious about who I record with far as new artists is concerned, but when I wrote my verse I followed his lead because it was so powerful. It was that great that I [was] contemplating about buying the record from him. But this will be a cat y'all will be hearing from in the near future I'm co-signing that!" Strong words from a giant in the segment of rap fans likely to respond to Napoleon's brand of lyricism. Do your best to keep up with Napoleon on his blog, but I suggest you put on your seat belt!


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