Preview- GLORY #25 by Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell

I was speechless when one of my friends recently said that he didn't like the art on the newly resurrected Liefeld superchick comic Glory (which, for a chatterbox like me, is saying a lot).  Every man is entitled to his own opinion, I guess. I will just like it enough for both of us...

The smooth glossy skin of Ross Campbell's drawing style has changed some since I first came in contact with the hard-working cartoonist's art on his books The Abandoned and Wet Moon. But as the polished apple style has given way to a grittier, more expressive line on books like Glory and Shadoweyes, I would not say that it has impeded the readability or sensual appeal of his work. Sometimes I have to remind myself that even a young master of the craft like Campbell is not going to be everybody's cup of tea.
By the time Rob Liefeld left Marvel to make his creator-owned books, I was already tired of him.  That said, my disdain for his art never reached the level of full-blown hatred that some comics nerds have for him, so when I heard that cool artists were helming his books, I was happy to see the merry band of knock-offs return to comic shelves, and happier still to see that the characters were (at least in the case of the two books I'm reading) being taken in such bold new directions. For my money, Glory #25 is the best issue so far, in a run that already feels award-worthy. Joe Keatinge and Ross have struck a great balance between character development, mystery, and shock value. I don't know how long it will last, but as for now, let the good times roll! Glory #25 hits comic shops today.


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