#KickstartThis- "Antler Boy and Other Stories" by Jake Parker

My Kickstarter addiction continues to deepen... I'm not made out of money or anything, but I get a kick (no pun intended) out of backing Kickstarter projects. I realize however that I can't afford to back 'em all, so I was gonna pump the brakes... Then I saw THIS today...
Damn you, Jake Parker... DAMN YOOOOOOOOUUUU!!!

The messed up part is Jake Parker's all-ages hardcover anthology The Antler Boy and Other Stories doesn't even need my money! It's gotten 7 times the loot he was looking for with three weeks left to go! I should'a just passed on it... But c'mon son! It's JAKE PARKER! Look at that art!

I mean, There's a Missile Mouse story and EVERYTHING! After all, I only pledged $25 for the hardcover... I let somebody else cop the $500 package, so if you think about it, I saved 475 bucks, right? RIGHT?!
Okay, look... I admit it: I'm addicted to Kickstarter! It's the wave of the future, and I'm riding the wave until I fall off, baby! Now that you're done judging me, click here to order your copy of The Antler Boy and Other Stories. I know you want to...


Arkonbey said...

Jake is a fabulous artist and, I know for a personal fact, a very nice guy to boot.

And even robophobics like his robot drawings.

samax amen said...

I'm a huge fan. His robots are deceptively cute mechanical ambassadors that soften even hardened hearts like mine. Like sweet little Trojan Horses, they are.

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