Teaser Ad: "The Gryphon" by Samax Amen

Here's a teaser ad I made for my upcoming animal rights terrorist/superhero comic The Gryphon. I made this ad to go in the digital copies of the Luke Cage tribute issue of GhettoManga Quarterly, which you can download here for $2, or you'll get the instant download free when you order a print copy of the magazine for $7.

As for The Gryphon, I have 5 pages drawn, of what looks to be a 16-20 page introductory story. If there's enough fan response, I have at least one good Gryphon graphic novel in me. Maybe more. We'll see... Anyways, I got a lotta other stuff I have to do before this character will get to really come out, but I'll keep you posted.

stay tuned...


Doomroar said...

Yo! my first time posting here, and to tell you the truth, could you explain exactly more about the concept of animal rights terrorist, not like in this day and age people really care about what drives a superhero to go around kicking ass, but man i kinda like this page, and... well it would be some how sad seeing you wasting time on a completely wrong story from the very beginning of ideological points, politic points, and more important contradictory, as a lot of animal rights activist trend to show themselves, after all it is hardly unusual to see people standing for the rights of mosquitoes, and cockroaches, after all aren't they animals too, or are we gonna let it at a convenient point of action.

samax amen said...

Thanks for caring enough to leave a comment, Doomroar. I'm not really interested in talking in detail about the Gryphon right now, other than to say what I already said. It's a teaser.

The reason I refer to the Gryphon as an animal rights terrorist/superhero is that some will see the character as a hero, and some will see the character as a villain.

I can't promise that you will like "The Gryphon" but either way, writing and drawing it won't be a waste of my time.

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Looks DOPE Samax!! Cant wait to see more.

Doomroar said...

ok, then can you at least describe the concept of terrorist, is the legal definition, or the Americanized generalized terrorist one that applies to almost anything that may seem inconvenient?

samax amen said...

Dude, I'm making a comic. Shit is gonna get blowed up and people are gonna cry. Not real shit and real people, mind you... just the ones I draw.

Doomroar said...

i didn't mentioned real people at all, i'm just asking if the actions of the hero are real terrorism, or he is just labeled as one even if he isn't one, that may come from an inside plot device as he gets misjudged, or it can come as false advertising like a villain that really doesn't do evil things.

you see your answer "im making a comic this has nothing to do whit real people", re infuses my curiosity of what concepts may be on the comic whit the little info you are giving in this teaser, because yeah a superhero themed whit animal rights that is also a terrorist is definitively an in interesting thematic, but hey i just wonder if i may or may not get disappointed whit the development of the project, thus is ask since it seems so engaging and interesting, even more at place that veils for African culture on comics, hell i may feel bad if don't write this, this is quite an unique thing and i thing you know it.

now you can perfectly tell me i can wait for the release to get my answers... which i guess is fine, but there is not worse than he who never asked.

i hope this clarifies things.

samax amen said...

Right, right. That's a fair question.

The Gryphon definitely qualifies for the label terrorist. The Gryphon never uses words like "superhero" or "terrorist", but will be seen as both, depending on perspective.

The story will have an unusual perspective that I hope makes it entertaining, not preachy or overly political or ideological.

Doomroar said...

ho i see, quite the development, well i guess now i have to wait and see how that unfolds, strange is nothing less, but very interesting.

ross said...

can't wait to read this!!! pumped.

samax amen said...

Can't wait to get it out!

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