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 I really enjoyed the first issue of the new Cyber Force relaunch. The story is one reveal after another, the art is beautiful, and you know, there's the whole FREE COMIC BOOK thing. Looks like more of the same with #2
Here's the Sales pitch:

For the first time in history, mankind is outpacing evolution. It takes nature thousands of years to adapt to changes and the things humanity has accomplished technologically in just the past 100 years has thrown its ability to evolve, and in turn survive, completely out of whack. In other words, a world full of wonders and conveniences is being created that none will hope to survive. This dilemma is at the heart of what CYBER FORCE is all about.
The massive corporation CDI continues to engineer technologically enhanced humans. Cyber Force, terrorists or resistance fighters depending on your point of view, try and regroup and reveal the conspiracy that is behind the heart of CDI and its mission. Aphrodite V and Stryker make their debut!

Valiant Comics AND Cyber Force are in the house? Party like it's 1992 up in'is...
Anyways, the greatest marketing experiment in comics history (or Marc Silvestri's slow descent into madness) continues, and I'm mad excited about it. Run red lights! Slide across the hood of your car like T.J. Hooker! Do what you gotta do to get to your comic shop and cop another free issue, because Cyber Force #2 is in stores today (while supplies last)!

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