Classic animated Madvillain video- "Strange Ways"

Claymation is a very underused technique for hip hop videos. I really enjoyed this official video for Madvillain's Strange Ways, which utilizes stop motion animation to bring DOOM and MadLib to your computer screen...

I never saw this video before. Good stuff... FYI: If you don't have it, Madvillainy is one of those records that belongs in every collection. MF DOOM and MadLib are both dudes whose names you can trust, and this collabo record sets the bar that team up plates should be measured by.
 Anyways, Jean-Yves Blanc won Stone's Throw Records' video contest for this song with this joint. Blanc did everything in this video (modeling clay figures, stage set, accesories, sketches, animations, photos and video montage) by himself and submitted it to Stone's Throw. Click here to see more of his sculptures. Okay, so I gotta go draw...
have a nice day!


MarshallPlex said...

yea that's super terrific dopeness right there!!!

samax amen said...

I love it! A fabulous DIY video. Love to see more of this in indie rap videos!

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