PREVIEW: New Illuminati #... wait... I'm sorry.. New Avengers #1 (again)

Since they kilt off Professor X, T'challa the Black Panther returns to the Illuminati, Marvel's assembly of the greatest minds and biggest bosses in the Marvel U. And because mainstream comics is all about the Benjamins, they changed the name to New Avengers. Here's some art...

That's some great art by Steve Epting, but the reason I care about this (and you should too) is the writer Jonathan Hickman. That dude is insane! My limited exposure to his work has shown Hickman to be the truth. He has shown a mastery of big ideas and an affinity for handling fan-favorite characters in the past, so if you're looking to get back into Marvel, look for this book.
Namor and T'challa on the same team? After this?
As for me, I'm still mad at Marvel for wrecking T'challa's marriage to Storm in what can only be seen as insulting fashion. Nor have I ever been a huge fan of Marvel's initiatives that have expanded the Avengers and X-men to include damn near every Marvel hero (and some of the villains too). But my biggest beef is that this looks like it will just be bait to lure readers into more multi-book cross-overs, to which both Marvel and DC seem hopelessly addicted. That's a real turn-off for me.
That said, I'm betting this book is gonna be dope. New Avengers #1 drops January 2nd.



Anonymous said...

It is about damn time MARVEL puts T'challa in the forefront of things. He is the universe's 4th smartest man according to Hickman, and now that Hickman is writing him as the star of a book, we will see proper utilization of the Wakandan King!


samax amen said...

Yes. I'm reading through some of Hickman's non-Marvel books, and he can write his tail off. He's sharp enough to do T'challa justice if he's so inclined.

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