In stores NOW- "BATWING #15"

 Wow... this comic's on issue 15 already? I can honestly say I have never even seen this comic in the store. Not saying it isn't there, just that I've never seen it. I don't read any other Batman comics, so maybe I unconsciously skip the "Bat" section? Anyways, I snagged this preview of Batwing #15 for you...
Here's the Sales pitch

• Batwing and Dawn battle Father Lost in the streets of Tinasha!
• Father Lost’s new powers are proving too much for Batwing and his new ally…time for a last ditch effort that might just get them both killed!

I heard good things about this book early on... Maybe I'll try to get my hands on the first Batwing trade. Whatever the case, Batwing #15 is in stores now, so get yours.

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