LeSean Thomas's documentary series "Seoul Sessions" is BACK with a VENGEANCE!!!

After a brief hiatus, Seoul Sessions, the documentary web series following tv animation director LeSean Thomas's experiences working in animation in Seoul South Korea.

This is the episode heads have been waiting for: LeS dives deep into the characters and storyline for CannonBusters, his long-awaited graphic novel and anime. He talks about it as if the graphic novel is out already, but it isn't. CannonBusters #1 was originally published by Devil's Due in 2005, but then LeS went Hollywood on us and decided to retract and drop it all at once as an OGN. Trust me: if I have learned anything from watching Lesean, I can tell you that when Cannon Busters drops there will be the requisite amount of fanfare...  So we'll stay tuned for that!
It was interesting to hear LeS touch on the way characters' designs change to suit the process of animation. Jeez... these docs should be hour long joints. I would love to watch all the footage they left out... Maybe I can get an interview with him at some point...

Anyways, when I get more info on Cannon Busters graphic novel and animations, I'll definitely let you know...


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