Cover and release date to MULTIPLE WARHEADS: DOWNFALL by Brandon Graham

Those silly summumabiches at Image Comics are reprinting Brandon Graham's early Multiple Warheads comics in this nifty new package called Multiple Warheads: Downfall, which will come out (wait for it) this Fall. 
Downfall will include 80 pages of funk I definitely recommend to indie heads who like pun-filled sci-fi adolescent fantasy. This book reprints the MW joint from Escalator (which I bought after reading the Tokyopop King City OGN), the never-before-seen (by me) Multiple Warheads porn comic that started it all, plus the Oni Press one-shot The Fall (left), the starting point for my personal Brandon Graham obsession. For those who've never read it, Multiple Warheads is the story of Sexica, an organ smuggler in post-apocalyptic Russia, and her werewolf boyfriend. When I read this, I had no idea that Brandon originated the concept as a porn comic, but it made perfect sense once I found out...
Anyways, the Downfall drops in September, so be on the lookout!

have a great day!


corance said...

It's about time some more Brandon Graham hit the streets.

samax amen said...

It's always a good time for more Brandon Graham! Did you cop the Multiple Warheads mini Image ran this year? How 'bout Prophet?

corance said...

Prophet's on my wishlist.

samax amen said...

I have the first Prophet TPB. The art in it is mostly by Simon Roy. If I had my way, he would be THE artist on Prophet. I like all the artists on the book, but Brandon and Simon are a PERFECT combination for the subject matter.

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