"You a KING. You a GOD. You are holy EL. Get out this hole, and give these muhf*ckas holy HELL" -Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica and the mighty Mos Def (yeah, I know...) spitting top shelf raps on one track? If only I had more ears...

So of course you already know this is from the upcoming fresh-to-death  short western They Die By Dawn, right? Of course you do. The internets have been buzzing about it for a hot minute, so obviously this isn't MY first time hearing about it, 'cause I'm connected and shit. Right?
sketch for Buffalo Soul by Samax Amen
So anyways, I wish I would have heard this sooner (it's been on YouTube for at least a couple months), because listening to Jay Electronica when he's on is like being hooked up to an intravenous drip of Jesus's blood or something. Maybe I'm exaggerating (maybe...), but this was definitely the shot in the arm I needed.


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