WTF?!? This comic had me DYING!!!

Okay, so funny book wunderkind Marcel Vann (Did You Mean MARVEL Comics?, Read or Die) dropped this free digital copy of his latest comic Swaggerball Z #0 on the GhettoManga Facebook wall last night. Seeing as Marcel aka Celly Smalls aka the Hilarious C.E.L. has already earned a spot on my "Name You Can Trust" list for being funnier than all hell, I checked it out. Did I mention it was free? Yeah, so... that too. Anyways, peep...
Yup. Marcel has a great sense of comedic timing and a good grasp of how to pull that off in the deceptively difficult medium of comics. Cel has been brushing up on his drawing, too, as these pages have a level of polish that his earlier stuff lacked. It's good to see that the upgrade has not erased his distinctive anime-influenced style, as the characters would look right at home in his earlier comics. I really enjoyed Marcel's earlier strip comic collections, like Did You Mean MARVEL Comics?, and it's good to see he's trying his hand at longer stories while still keeping it light and hilarious.

Anyways, Marcel will make physical copies of Swaggerball Z #0 available in his online store soon, so I'll remind you when I see that it's dropped. For now you can click here to peep more posts about Marcel Comics, and make sure to like his Facebook joint.

have a nice day!

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