A message for Jean Grae. Plus, a song for you other people to listen to, or whatever...

Yeah... I love you, Jean Grae.  If we ever met, you would probably not like me back... so I hope we never meet. Keep making dope music. I will pretend you're dedicating it to me.  This here song you made, about some dude who was dumb enough to not love you right like I would, is pretty dope.
That'll learn 'im! I mean, what's his problem anyways? You're one of the illest, most versatile emcees ever and I bet you smell good and everything too, so what's not to like? You're better off without him. Success is the best revenge.


B_Steelo said...

that's pretty damn dope

samax amen said...

yup. Jean Grae is the name you can trust.

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