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Based on the recommendation of one of my readers, i picked up DC/Vertigo's disturbing reboot of Unknown Soldier this week (thanks, Scratch!) and it was well worth the look! in this unflinching debut issue, a brilliant young Ugandan doctor snaps after years of facing down the horrors of tribal war and genocide. in conflict with the persistent voice from within that seeks to use the doctor's knowledge to transform him into the perfect tool of murderous vengeance, how far will he go to win that inner battle?
a combination of war tragedy, horror story and action drama, Unknown Soldier looks like a winner right out the gate! peep a short preview of issue #1 here, and make sure you COP that joint next time you're at the comic shop homey!


Goldi gold said...

that cover is crazy

B_Steelo said...

Dang that was pretty hard. I'll have to check that

Vee (Scratch) said...

Yo, I picked up that comic on the humble just out of curiosity and was amazed. The writer has definitely done his research. The images are definitely shocking.
I would recommend it to some one who doesn't even check for comics.

Samax said...

i agree 100%
this is gonna be my pick of the week for next week's newsletter!
thanks again for the heads up!

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