in theaters TODAY!

The Punisher:War Zone trailer
i'm not gonna be able to catch the opening this weekend, since i have an art show. if you watch it, let me know how it was.


Goldi gold said...

i don't know about this. it might be dope but the last punisher got me scared. that poster is crazy though!!!

Samax said...

i hear you... Tom Jane was the gayest Punisher ever!

i don't know why they have so much trouble... the Punisher should be EASY to bring to movies. it's a simple revenge gun-clapper!

clnmike said...

This is the one character who they cant seem to get right.

Whats this like the third movie about him?

Samax said...

yeah, 'fraid so.
the most common mistake of comics adaptations is to overthink the "comic book" part... Punisher is a simple R-rated revenge/crime story. i think a hint of horror would work. make Punisher into a Jason Voorhees that preys on criminals...

anyways, i HOPE it turns out okay...

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