Comicbook World #21

okay, so i know Dick Cheney is a super-villain, but which one is he?
Dr Doom? The Puppet Master? Kaiser Sosa? the High Evolutionary? Ra'as Al Ghul? Red Skull? Hate Monger?

YOU be the Judge...


B_Steelo said...

Doom is debateable. Bush, theoretically, could have been a Doombot, but Cheyney's rein was too convoluted. Doom is definite in his quests. Cheyney plays the system through red tape.

High Evolutionary or Ra'as Al Ghul?? Nah. There's a level of royalty and purpose for the greater good there no matter how twisted.

Red Skull is vengance. Pure and simple.

Hate Monger I don't know enough about, but I figure he runs on rage.

I'd have to say Puppet Master or Kaiser Sosa. Because the game was played and only after it was played was the true intent revealed.

clnmike said...

Kaiser Sosa.

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