Sin City 2 will begin Shooting in Spring 2009

word is Sin City 2 will indeed begin filming in april. all i needed to know is that the extra-hot Rosario Dawson will indeed be returning as Gail in the follow up to the big-screen adaptation of Frank Miller's fan-favorite series.
bring it on...


clnmike said...

I thought the first one sucked baboon balls.

B_Steelo said...

well it wasn't Citizen Kane, but I think that's a Frank Miller issue more than an actor/director issue...well maybe a director issue some. Everyone loved the hell out of 300, i just thought it was ok.

I think Miller's writing is specifically for comics more than it is screen dialog. But because it's so successful people are cautious to change it and it's melodrama. As a result some people don't accept the melodrama.

Now if you look at Sin City in the light of a 50's noir flick with contemporary elements it's pretty funny. But hey, if you didn't dig it you didn't dig it.

I'd like to see what they do with the next one.

Samax said...

i musta been the baboon!
i was FEELIN' it like fingers...

clnmike said...

300 definitely was over rated and racist as hell with the imagery but I hear so was frank miller.

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