"If you ain't want him kilt, why'd you leave him with ME?"

(l to r) Don Cheadle and Denzel Washington from Devil in a Blue Dress
today I watched Devil in a Blue Dress on cable (satellite actually, but that's not the point, is it?). while the headliner of the movie was the excellent-as-usual Denzel Washington, what makes this movie noteworthy for me -the reason i've seen it so many times- is the film's REAL star: Don Cheadle, whose character Mouse Alexander brought a bit of Texas gangster into the noirish gumshoe flick. (read more)


clnmike said...

Your right Don Cheadle was the star of that movie.

When you watched it you just new he was going to make it big.

Anonymous said...

heeell yea!
that's my JOINT!

"you need somebody to run these streets let me know... cuz you know how to put some money in a nigga pocket!"

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