ghettoManga Award Nominees...

well, here are the nominees for this year's ghettoManga Awards. thanks to everybody who sent me their nominations! i've written blogs about most of the nominees... check 'em out by clicking here. and scrolling down!
you can vote in the polls on the sidebar. i don't know if it will let you vote more than once per category or not, so vote as much as you can! you can always vote "other" and put your vote in the comments of this post too.
please let other people know, so we can get as many votes as possible!

Best Comic Award
The Sword
All-Star Superman
Umbrella Academy

Hardcover/TPB of the Year
(Trade Paper Back)

TrapDancing: The Aym Geronimo Collection

OGN of the Year
(Original Graphic Novel)

Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together
Wet Moon: Drowned In Evil
Amulet: The Stonekeeper
Aqua Leung
Sentences: the Life of MF GRIMM

Emcee of the Year

Jean Grae
Jay Electronica
Gift of Gab

Rapper of the Year

Talib Kweli
L'il Wayne
Big Boi

Vocalist of the Year

Erykah Badu
Alicia Keys
T Pain
Georgia Ann Muldrow

HipHop/Rap Group of the Year

The Roots
Blu & Exile
Binkis Recs

Artist/Illustrator of the Year

Jim Mahfood
Lesean Thomas
Cully Hamner
Dave Johnson
Jason Pearson
Mike Hawthorne

Cartoonist of the Year

Ross Campbell
Bryan Lee O'malley
Jeremy Love
Chris Ware

Video of the Year

Get Busy
by the Roots
Sly Fox by Nas
Duck Boy by Jurassic 5
Gunfight by The Mighty Underdogs
Honey by Erykah Badu

Album of the Year

Rising Down
by The Roots
Untitled (the N-word) by Nas
Eardrum by Talib Kweli
Sharper Images by Jax (of Binkis Recs)
Los Angeles by Flying Lotus

Movie of the Year

The Dark Knight

Kung Fu Panda
Red Belt
Iron Man
Speed Racer

Champion of Children

12 Comics (Learning Support Program)
Ben 10

Man/Woman of the Year

Barack Obama
Derrick Coleman
Tyler Perry

okay, so the polls are open until December 31st. results will be announced here in February, and discussed in-depth in the next issue of ghettoManga Quarterly.
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Anonymous said...

Rapper of the Year:
Andre 3000

Best Comic:

Jeff Smith

Champion of Children:
Jeff Smith- Shazam

Anonymous said...

Shane's dead on with RASL.
I also reccomend FREAKANGELS on trades, and Mike Krunkle's BILLY BATSON for the COC award.

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