Tails to Astonish!

i first picked up Mice Templar based on the cartoony brilliance of Micheal Avon Oeming (Powers, Hammer of the Gods), but eventually became enthralled in this story of village mice slaughtered and carted off into captivity by larger, more militaristic rats and the coming of age tale of young Karic, who receives visions from the gods that Wotan has chosen him to restore the order of the fallen Templar Knights.
writer Bryan Glass does a good job wielding medieval mythology in a way that it inspires wonder by intertwining the awe that mice would naturally have for larger animals like snakes, cats, and owls with the phenomena of mysticism, religion and prophecies. i'm not big on Lord of the Rings fantasy knock-offs or funny animal comics, but Oeming and Glass put such a stamp on these characters that it just comes off as good, old-fashioned world building!
i just read issue #6, which completes the first story arc, but The Mice Templar Volume 1: The Prophecy is already available in hardcover. as one of those who read Mice Templar as individual comics, i will say it actually reads better as a collected volume. plus, the hardcover has tons of DVD-style extras too.
definitely one of the best comics of 2008

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