"Being realistic is the fastest path to mediocrity" -LeSean Thomas

For all my fellow LeSean Thomas fans, here's a teaser to the doc LeS has been promising us, chronicling his time building and destroying with his fellow animation savants in South Korea. If you think you're not a fan of LeSean Thomas, check the credits of the best American cartoons of the last decade, and you'll realize you were one of us all along...


Straight up, LeS is a director and producer on The Boondocks and Black Dynamite animated series,as well as Ben 10: Alien Force, and Batman: the Brave and the Bold. Besides being a groundbreaking animation hot shot, LeS cut his teeth on comics like Arkanium, and still has the gremlins here at GhettoManga checking the feeds regularly for news about his long-awaited CannonBusters graphic novel (by the way... there's an animated version in the works too...)
Anyways, word is SEOUL SESSIONS PRESENTS: MAKING ANIMATION PT 1 will be ready in January... in the meanwhile, click here tojoin LeSean's group on Facebook. When the news comes out on these projects, you can bet you'll hear it there first!


Mr. Hawthorne said...

LeSean is a talented, smart, and brave dude. I don't think I could pick up and move half way around the world to work in animation!

I told him online once that he's going to come back to the US and be the comics equivalent of the Master Killer after soaking up all the knowledge from from the east! :-)


samax said...

It's different when you have a family (failure takes on a new significance). But LeS is a boss. He's super confident, and has the talent and work ethic to back it up. A lot of dudes talk noise, but he has a resume that makes his swag compelling.

Yes: I used the word "swag"... sometimes it's appropriate! lol!

Ronald Tillman said...

Ya lost me at "swag" chief. Dope post non the less though.

samax said...

Oh, Ronald... I understand the overuse of the word "swag"... Give me a demerit.

ross said...

lesean thomas is awesome, i can't wait to see this whole thing.

samax said...

We are all waiting with bated breath!

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Dang, hella tight.Cant wait to see more. Inspiring dude who I wouldnt have known about if it wasnt for you blud. Thx

samax said...

Glad I could help, Tres! You know how I do...

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