the King City Trade Paper Back is GO! (peep the cover & release date)

yes... I have all twelve issues of Brandon Graham's urban fantasy King City. Yes, I am still buying the trade when it comes out...

Here's the cover to Image Comics' King City Collection...

"So the cat is out of the bag," Brandon announced in non-announcerly fashion... "the King City collection comes out from Image comics on February 22nd in black and white 424 pages. Same golden age size as the Image issues. for $19.99."
This will be the third time in print for half of the book. I first read the first six issues when they were published by Tokyopop as a teeny tiny digest-sized OGN in 2007. Just as I got all excited about it, Tokyopop imploded and scores of books were eightysixed... Fortunately, Brandon somehow managed to sweet-talk Tokyopop into allowing Image Comics to publish King City (including re-publishing the first book) as magazine-sized individual issues. After the way I've drooled over King City on this blog, I'm sure you know I was excited that the spirits of comicbook destiny were able to mesmerize TP one more time so I could get a paperback collection of King City as well.




corance said...

This comic deserves to exist and thrive. I'm glad it's finally dropping.

samax said...


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