Start the day off Right w/ Labtekwon

TGIF brethren! Here's Special by Labtekwon to help you sharpen your spit for whatever escapades you got planned for the weekend...

"Bless your soul and the God who made you/
But I got a thing for the shell He gave you..."
This was dropped on me yesterday by my facebook familia Sarafina Connor who has a high fire referral rate. This joint (off his album Population Control: Wrath Of The Black Eniggma) is no exception. Son flexes the laid back flow and gets throaty for the ladies, but lest ye sleep, this Baltimore-based emcee ain't no silly loverboy, and he makes sure you know:
"I'm a rugged rebel, and you should never settle
for a half-steppin' sucka who can't flex the metal..."
So, now I have another emcee I need to check into. Anyways, you know what to do:
Have a nice day!


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