Preview- "THROWD: Goth Damned" by @Erik_Reeves

Erik Reeves' angel of vengeance Zasha Brown is back in Throwd: Goth Damned. The Indyplanet page doesn't have preview art, but I copped these wordless pages via the magic of google! Just put on some good Southern Hip Hop and pretend you're watching a movie trailer...

Here's the Sales Pitch:
Zasha Brown- a young and talented woman is compelled to avenge the murder of her father. Fed up with the lack of justice in her hometown she decides to take matters into her own hands and sets out on a dangerous mission- To rid the mean unforgiving streets of South Peterson Grove of its many problems, making here both feared by the local gangs and targeted by the countless mob bosses that inhabit the city. 

In pursuit of a sinister mob member known only as Spyda, a cautious and vigilant Zasha Brown visits the historical Goth District of South Peterson Grove in pursuit of this devious villain with intentions that are far from pleasant! In the dark and mysterious urban underworld of gothic rituals and the black arts Zasha meets Belinda Raven a woman unlike any she has encountered before. One horrific crime. One evil man. No ordinary woman. Throwd:Goth Damned.

Erik collabo'd on the art with my dude Kevin Steele on this one, and the results are stellar! I'm definitely copping this the next time I see them at one of the local cons here in Dallas... if you're not lucky enough to don't live in north Texas, you can just click here to cop it on Indyplanet, so everybody wins!


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