Dreaming of @AlkhemiJones

It's been a long while since I laid eyes on Alkhemi Jones, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Sigh... here's some youTubery to tide me over for your musical enjoyment ...

I first became aware of the lovely emcee/ vocalist/ songwriter/ musician as part of the venerated hip hop crew Skwod X, who were holding it down in the Dallas hip hop scene when I moved to the area. But alas, things fall apart, and the lovely Ms. Jones left the area, eventually landing where all Dallas emcees seem to go:

Atlanta! Like other dope Dallas talent like Headkrack and (fellow Skwod X alum) Massive, Alkhemi has been making it blend in the ATL for a hot minute (when she's not opening for Mos def or on tour with Nappy Roots, that is...). But she never forgets where she came from, and I like that about her.
photo by niki zoë vickers

Alkhemi came home to do some shows last year about this time, but I couldn't make it... so I'm hoping the next time her shadow falls a Dallas stage, I will be able to attend... Meanwhile, keep up with her on her Facebook page or Twitter.
have a great day!


Art Love said...

she's lovely.
And I'm glad to hear that Where I'm From Song. She's at her best with that kind of progressive edge. Light like a butterfly.

Country Metro.

samax said...


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