Moebius and Jodorowsky's "Incal" adapted into animated feature? Well, not exactly...

The classic Moebius and Jodorowsky graphic novel series The Incal should be adapted for film by french animator Pascal Blais.

Snippet from Moebius' The Long Tomorrow
In The Incal, which first captured imaginations in the U.S. in the revered edgy sci-fi comics magazine Heavy Metal, filmmaker and author Alexandro Jodorowsky (The Holy Mountain, El Topo) and legendary comicbook artist Moebius created a great hard-boiled detective story turned softcore sci-fi joint. Classic material, to be sure... and this animated trailer by Pascal Blais looks like a labor of love. But earlier attempts by Blais to get the movie made didn't succeed... Blais actually got together some people and made this to make the case that The Incal needs to get the movie treatment.

"Two sequences from the original Heavy Metal movie were borrowed from Moebius's work: The Long Tomorrow story and Arzach." Blais explains. "Given that till this day, Moebius and Jodorowsky are heralded as some of the world's greatest Sci-Fi visionaries," Blais reasons, "it seems to me that a film, based on their work would be even more successful than one inspired by it."

Bringing these incredible artist's work to the big screen, I am convinced would be a great much so that I animated and directed this piece with other like artists..."
I was disappointed to find that this was not from a movie about to come out, but just a project Blais and friends did for fun. Hopefully Blais will continue to beat the bushes and maybe get this film made! I know I wanna see it...



Arkonbey said...

It's always tough to adapt an artist's work to the screen. Since Moebius isn't an animator it would be a team of people drawing like him. So, is it really Moebius' work?

I love Moebius' art (how does he get so much texture and solidity from a few simple marks?) but, having recently read a pile of old TPBs I find that his writing is... bad (and I don't really think it's the cultural map)

samax said...

For a lot of reasons I won't bore you with (they really ARE boring) I was late to getting to Moebius, and I found his writing to be kind of awkward, but I never got around to giving it a thumbs up or down.

As for the movie, even if he was an animator, it would still be a team of people drawing like him, he would just be their boss, nitpicking them. I would love to see this film get made. I like the idea comics works being faithfully adapted to other mediums, since what we usually see is (for better or worse) not so faithful.

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