PREVIEW- "Avengers Origins: Luke Cage" one-shot

We love Luke Cage here at GhettoManga (I know I do!), so when I saw this preview on CBR, I knew I'd hafta swipe it for you to check out!

Here's the Sales Pitch:

What makes someone a hero? An Avenger? Is it super-powers? An indomitable will? An innate sense of right and wrong? For Luke Cage its one terrible mistake that has haunted him his entire life. But can a lifetime of good deeds make up for his years spent on the other side of the law? And will that past ever let him go, or will it tear him to pieces?

yeah, as you know if you checked out the Luke Cage tribute issue of GhettoManga Quarterly magazine, I bought a copy of that Essential Luke Cage joint, so I will be able to see exactly how they retcon Luke's origin in this one shot. I guess there's not a lot of reason they have to change it, but I'm betting they will. I actually enjoy rereading those early issues, but I know lots of hell has been raised over Cage's early blaxploitation-spawned roots. So anyways, Avengers Origins: Luke Cage drops November 16th.


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