In Stores Now- Mr. Terrific # 3

 I've gotten lots of feedback about the new Mister Terrific reboot, and pretty much all of it was bad. Everyone who mentioned the art of Gianluca Gugliotta hated it... He's not drawing the art on #3 (no matter what this cover says), so I'm curious how people will like the new guy...

When this series was announced, it was one of the few reboot titles I wanted to check out... without a top tier writer or artist, there was no urgency, though. Anyways, I'm assuming the art team of Scott Clark and Dave Beatty represent a step in the right direction... maybe? Let me know what you think, especially if you bought this issue.


Joe Woods said...

I remember Scott Clark from Stormwatch and i really didn't care that much for it but will peep #3 out to see wuss good.

samax said...

yeah... a lot of the cats from that era have leveled up. We'll see if Scott got any better...

Joe Woods said...

What just killed me was when they showed his back story about his wife and in the next panel he's with a white chick!! Dam man! For real!

samax said...


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