#NowPlaying at GhettoManga HQ- Jay Electronica - Ghost of Soulja Slim feat. JAY-Z (Music Video)

"I put on for my nation like I'm King T'Challa
Crushing the oyibo that try to bring wahala..."
-Jay Electricity

The sales pitch:
Ghost of Soulja Slim (Unofficial Music Video) from Jay Electronica 'A Written Testimony' ℗ 2020 Roc Nation, LLC https://smarturl.it/jayelec Footage taken from the documentary film 'The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution' directed and written by Stanley Nelson Jr. https://www.amazon.com/Black-Panthers-Revolution-Stanley-Nelson/dp/B01A1H23E2 Edited by guardi guard Lyrics: [Intro: Louis Farrakhan] So, all you scared to death negros Just sit down Don't you come out to defend our enemy You sit down and you shut up And tell your master to come on out and deal with this [Verse 1: JAY-Z] Next time they bring up the Gods, you gon' respect us That lil' vest ain't gonna do you, I shoot from neck up I ain't even tryna hold ya, Magnolia Slim I'm a soldier from that mode, I'm the ghost of him From the era of police stretcher, no cameras catch it Drop you off in a rival hood, you rather be arrested If you didn't have no straps, you couldn't wear your necklace Niggas hand around your throat, that's a choker reference My ancestors took old food, made soul food Jim Crow's a troll too, he stole the soul music That's the blood that goes through me, so you assumin' I could never sell my soul, they sold they soul to me Peaceful teaching of Rumi, but don't confuse me You mouth off for the cameras, I make a silent movie Now here's some jewelry No civilization is conquered from the outside until it destroys itself from within Pen, put a pin in that, will come back when I fin You can't talk like I talk 'cause you ain't been where I been, young [Verse 2: Jay Electronica] If it come from me and Hov, consider it Qur'an If it come from any of those, consider it Harām The minaret that Jigga built me on the Dome of the Roc Was crafted, so beautifully, consider this Adhan From a hard place and a rock to the Roc Nation of Islam I emerged on the wave that Tidal made to drop bombs I came to bang with the scholars And I bet you a Rothschild I get a bang for my dollar The synagogue of Satan want me to hang by my collar But all praise due to Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala I put on for my nation like I'm King T'Challa Crushing the oyibo that try to bring wahala You want it, I got it Don't make me have to blast this rocket, uh Jay Electricity The thing he need like a whole in his head is publicity Though he shine like a Christmas tree Verily, verily, I tread through life merrily Giving all thanks to God for this universal therapy [Outro: JAY-Z] Think of things I said that you hated then Empirical facts that can't be debated now Things you say today, I was sayin' then Tell us who your favorite now Producer: Jay Electronica Associated Performer, Vocals: Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Associated Performer, Keyboards: Larrance Dopson Associated Performer, Guitar, Organ, Keyboards: Khirye Tyler Associated Performer, Guitar, Bass: Chris Payton Studio Personnel, Engineer: Dylan Del-Olmo Studio Personnel, Mixer, Recording Engineer: Young Guru Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Tony Dawsey Composer Lyricist: Elpadaro F. Electronica Allah Composer Lyricist: Shawn Carter Composer Lyricist: Louis Farrakhan Composer Lyricist: James Tapp Composer Lyricist: Craig Lawson Composer Lyricist: John Williams Composer Lyricist: Larrance Dopson Composer Lyricist: Khirye Tyler Composer Lyricist: Chris Payton

I actually stopped spinning The Blinding long enough to watch this.  Good stuff.  

Stay safe, y'all.

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