Quotable #75 "Your Life Doesn't Want You to Hate It..."

"Your life does not want you to hate it. 
Your life wants you to love it.
But only you can do something about it."

I read a lotta marketing newsletters and motivational blogs . This cat gets busy with both... this particular joint spoke to me enough to repost it for you...

"Paid by the hour. Paid by the day. Paid by the week. Paid by the month. Paid by year.
I tried them all over the years. Didn't like any of them.
I guess that's why I'm an entrepreneur. I want to be paid for the value I create, not for how much time I spend at the office, not for how many meetings I go to.
If the words in this cartoon describe your current situation, I'm sorry.  Your life does not want you to hate it. Your life wants you to love it.

But only you can do something about it."

- Hugh MacLeod Cartoonist, Artrepreneur.



Vee (Scratch) said...

I thought we was cool, why are you calling me out!?!

Seriously, this is so true. Check out his book, it's a really great quick read "Ignore Everybody"

samax said...

LOL! I did it for your own good...

but yeah, I'll definitely check for that book!

Arkonbey said...

Man. Too true. Been there and left.

On the other hand, you've got to recognize when you've got it good.

samax said...

yeah. I spent a lot of time at jobs i hated... the first step for me was thinking differently about myself.

that eventually led me to being able to do what I wanted with my time.

CZA said...

While I'm not completely there yet, I see the sky for the clouds and know I can't trade undervalued time for under compensated pay.

samax said...

i hear that...

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