that New AHMAD

This is why i f*cks wit Ahmad! put your hand behind your ear and listen to Nig Can't Tell Me Nunt and keep your nose open for son's new record...

Jeauh! Even when he's on some smoothed out isht Ahmad's all about the lyrics and substance... yeah, listen to it again... To get in the files for more from the kid, click here. The new record, The Death of Me due to drop August 10th.


Goldi gold said...

This got to be the most gangsta video out. Rolling in a whip spitting killa rhymes with your seed in the whip playing with buzz light years. *Bow

samax said...

word! and he's mad, and his son is like whatever, man...

"Ahmad rip like Sinead O' mockin' the Pope/ Others violate the culture like it's droppin' the soap..."

Corance said...

Nothin' like a MC with a subject and a predicate.

samax said...

Lord, yes!

B_Steelo said...

This should be an interesting album

samax said...


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