Gratuitous Ninja VS Tsunami: FIGHT!!!

Gratuitous Ninja creator D-pi (his momma named him Ron Wimberly) is urging his fans to join the work to assist Japan, and he will create original art every day to be awarded to fans who donate $35 or more to the Red Cross via his website...

"My work, particularly GratNin, has benefited beyond measure from the culture of Japan..." He explains. "I will draw a GratNin piece every afternoon for the next 30 days and post it at the NinjAid website. I will reward every donation of $35 or more made from that site with one of those original GratNin drawings posted or to be posted there."
Here's the first disaster relief drawing:
I urge all my readers to find a way that they are comfortable with to help, as the situation in Japan seems to be getting worse by the day. Props to D-pi for stepping forward with this. You can get more info and make a donation at the NinjAid website.


MeccaGodZilla said...

doh! i'm late! thank you so much Samax!!!!

samax said...

word, fammo!

D said...

thanks for the love, homies...

samax said...

no problem, fam. Keep up the great work!

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