Comicbook World #56: Phoenix Jones & DC Guardian Interview on NPR

DC's Guardian (above) and Phoenix Jones speak to NPR's Michel Martin about being Real Life Superheroes

"We didn't do anything more than what a normal citizen would have done 30 years ago..." explains the costumed superhero DC's Guardian, speaking of his initial activities on the mean streets of the nation's capital. Both men explain why they wear costumes and operate as private citizens as opposed to joining police or other law enforcement agencies.
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Whether it's Phoenix Jones from Seattle (who I wrote about previously here) or DC's Guardian, there seems to be a common thread of community service and activism that is at least partly motivating them. It's only natural that some in the media (including me) have questioned the wisdom (and sanity) of the course these guys and others like them are taking, but they seem prepared for the criticism, even expecting it.
Here's hoping it works out okay for them...


corance said...

I'm all the way down! The spirit of wonder! The heroic ideal! They live!

corance said...

"Evil doesn't like light. And, that's what the costume brings"

And these guys have training. They did all those push-ups.

I love it!

samax said...

You're buying a shake-weight right now, aren't you Corance? I want an exclusive interview when you hit the streets of Oak Cliff. Make sure to get a bulletproof vest... and not those fake ones from Big T Bazaar, the real kind!

corance said...

Yeah, but the real bullet-proof vests are expensive.

And I ain't hittin' the streets of Oak Cliff. Are your crazy? Maybe I'll hit the streets of White Settlement.

ross said...

thanks for posting this stuff, you're my #1 source for Phoenix Jones news!

samax said...

@ Corance- I can live with that! Still want that interview!

@ Ross- no problem! Let me know when you get around to doing some Phoenix Jones fan art!

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