PREVIEW Thunderbolts #155

If you read regularly, I don't need to tell you how much I like Thunderbolts. Jeff Parker and Kev Walker's take on Luke Cage really appeals to me, and we get to see a little more...

Besides nailing Luke Cage, Parker is just good with character moments in general, as this sample shows. Hellstrom is shook. "Don't tell my sister" like Punchdrunk Love... Nice! I like how Walker draws Luke. He looks like he is old enough to be speaking from experience when he passes on Strange's plan. This issue of Thunderbolts comes out next week on March 16th. Me, I'm gonna try to tradewait on Thunderbolts now that Marvel's collecting the Luke Cage issues, starting at the end of the month. It's gonna be tough for me, but luckily I'm poor, so that should help... Anyways, since you have a real job, you should pick up some T-bolts next week!

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