REVIEW- Shaolin vs Wu-Tang by Raekwon

Shallah's Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang
written by Wolf Windblade
I don't know the details of the beef in the old clan but this project sounds like Raekwon conspiring to dethrone the Abbot while he's taking scented baths in the royal white dragon lodge.
I've heard the criticisms about Rae, how he's stuck in gangstaland, how he keeps talkin that greasy cook up a key, flights to the Bahamas, slappin cats wit all types of hammers and ratchets lol. It's what he does, it's his chamber and don't you ever forget it...

Raekwon has always been ill and speaks in slang codes clear enough to comprehend if you're remotely familiar with Wu's classic vibes. "It ain't hard to tell."  His gift is crystal snakes, he can say the same old thing over and over in new and innovative ways with a flow that pulses heavy handed while remaining fluid. (MuayThai Chi)  His voice carries a strength and conviction that inspires old and young alike. This is wise warrior music that sits at its own reflection and finds a glorious light and deems it FLY. The productions hint stealth , a seriousness, a grinding humility that awaits sayers to speak their tales of toil and TRIUMPHS. This was a very good experience for my ears moreso because the chosen tracks all held an integrity that i associate with Wu-ness. Not an easy task especially when the very man that struck the original chord was the one to dismantle it. One can only dream of the possibility of RZA circa 97 would've assembled all the members to bring their best darts to this project. ( BIG SMILING SIGH HERE)
Rae organizes a successful coup de tat utilizing an off kilter hodge podge of assorted rapper mercenaries (Rick Ross, Lloyd Banks, Black Thought, Busta and of course Ghost and Mef)  in my snooty opinion none of these add-ons added on to the established vibe aside from Ghost ...and Meth who either hits or misses completely given what side of the bed he wakes up on studio morning. :P
shortwinded , HARD, SHARP, short sword album; effective in close quarters. I rate this 'Musashi Miyamoto' on the martial arts chart of prominent figures who've developed distinct styles that influenced many. ;)
Nostalgic, yet not corny, it resurrects the original principles of a marching legion that confides in brotherhood and strive for lyrical excellence and Raises the Flag with a new capital letter 'R' blazing red. The production is a new bangin, that respects the old formula with upgraded ingredients. SPAR MUSIC! OH and a shaolin chant by Estelle on track 'Chop Chop' " This is Shaaoolliinnn..."  that made me want to join front line ranks.
The new order wont be as prolific as the old nor last anywhere as long but its a valiant effort and shows all the older Gods and allying clans that the youthful fighting spirit lives on in the most seasoned of Generals.

All Hail Abbot Raekwon... Forever.
Writer and artist Wolf Windblade aka Adofo of the Mountain Family Art Collective is a phenomenon of the highest order. He creates visual, musical, and culinary art that feeds the body, soul, and mind. Recognize.


corance said...

Great review. Thanks, dude!

samax said...

word. Wolf sold it as only he can!

Haron G. Kyim said...

Haven't heard the album myself, but I respect your call Bredren!

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