How did I miss this Thundercats Trailer?

Have you seen this Thundercats trailer yet? No? Check it out...

I'm sorry... I know you may have seen this already... I probably fast-forwarded through it... but Jaga looks hard! Lion-o's dad Mufasa looks dope too... wait... oh sorry, that's The Lion King. Whatever. So anyways, I hope the voice actors are good, 'cause the animation looks pretty sweet! Feel free to repost your comments you wrote on other blogs when this first aired (in February?). I missed the buzz entirely!


corance said...

A rather different twist on the mythology, but I'm feeling it.

samax said...

I really enjoyed it myself. I thought the hieroglyphics were an appropriate, smart touch.

David said...

That's really cool. I like it.

samax said...

me too. Looking forward to watching the show!

samax said...

I dig the fact that Tigra is packing the STEEL in the picture! Hope he keeps it for the show!

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