PREVIEW- Soulfire #0

 I've never read the Aspen book Soulfire, but this preview for volume 3's zero issue looks pretty interesting.

OH! I forgot to paste in the Sales Pitch:
The magic has returned! But, this time...the light has grown dark.
Desperate times have fallen on our heroes Malikai, Grace, and friends. The once-strong bond between them, which forged the return of magic into our world, is deteriorating following the cataclysmic battle with Rainier and his forces. However, the struggle between magic and technology still wages on, yet with Malikai, the bearer of the light, nowhere to be found--can magic survive the latest onslaught from an unwelcome world? New adversaries, exotic locations, and a fresh cast of exciting characters, including some from the Soulfire Universe¹s long forgotten past, reign supreme in this debut of the epic third SOULFIRE volume!
Brought to you by red-hot writer J.T. Krul (Fathom, Green Arrow), with art by talented Aspen newcomer Jason Fabok, along with colorist John Starr, the latest volume of Michael Turner¹s thrilling fantasy-adventure SOULFIRE series begins right here!

So anyways, I see a lot of potential here. I can't speak to this much, since I never got into any of Turner's books, but some of the new books look interesting. I'm sure there are some Aspen fans reading this blog, so I'm curious to hear what you think.

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