Jim Rhodes stars in ongoing series Iron Man 2.0

I bet you didn't know War Machine (the black Iron Man played by Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2) was getting his own ongoing book called Iron Man 2.0... oh, you did? Well, I had no idea! Not sure why this surprises me, but it does. Makes sense though, since they are making these multi-gillion dollar movies now. Way to capitalize Disney!
I'm sorry, what was I saying? OH RIGHT! Peep some preview pages from issue one and two of the series below...

New mission! New armor! New Iron Man! Lt. Col. James Rhodes is War Machine…the single most advanced one-man weapon of conventional combat. But wars aren’t fought the way they used to be – and when Rhodey has to face a mysterious enemy he can’t shoot, can’t bomb, can’t even see, he’s going to be forced to evolve…or die. Find out why War Machine becomes Iron Man 2.0 in the 3-part launch arc of this all-new ongoing series! By breakout sensation Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Action Comics) and the legendary Barry Kitson (INCREDIBLE HULKS, THE ORDER)!

aaaaand this preview of  #2 has some spoilers from the first issue, so be advised...
Looks like Rhodey's pull with Asian chicks is minimal... This might be a book I need to pick up... we'll see... Iron Man 2.0 #1 is in stores now. #2 hits stores on March 16th.

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