PREVIEW- Ross Campbell's debut on GLORY!!!

To say I'm excited by the impending debut of GhettoManga Award-Winning Cartoonist Ross Campbell on Glory would be a huge understatement. I'm a fan of everything he's done to date, so I'm beyond pleased to drop this preview on you!

Here's the Sales Pitch:

After missing for almost a decade, Glory's whereabouts are uncovered by a lone reporter, but the globe-spanning conspiracy keeping her hidden from humanity could make her return more dangerous than anyone ever anticipated! This first issue of an brand-new saga written by Eisner & Harvey-award winner JOE KEATINGE and illustrated by Wet Moon and Shadoweyes creator ROSS CAMPBELL sets up Glory's future by expanding on her past in a way promising to shock long-time fans and excite all-new readers!

Ross's non-reboot debut in Glory #23 drops February 15th.


B. Simmons said...

Been waiting for this ever since I seen the first redesigns of her... Though I liked the first color ver., this one brings more of a moodiness that makes it feel like a mystery.

samax amen said...

Same here! I'm gonna hafta get that one when I drop by the comic shop!

Arkonbey said...

Oh, so that's why there's no Shadoweyes Unmasked, yet.

He was busy creating awesome.

As a super-nerd I have to give him props for actually drawing a Tiger tank rather than a "German tank" and those are ME-262s in the background there.

samax amen said...

Yeah, this is straight fire!

ross said...

thanks, guys!!

@Arkonbey: no, the reason there's no Shadoweyes Unmasked yet is because i was working on Wet Moon 6 all last year!! ;) thanks for being patient.

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