BegBorrowSteal #192- "Robot13: Colossus" trade paperback

Okay, I just resisted my obvious robophobic urges and put in a pledge on Kickstarter for Blacklist Studios' fundraiser for the Robot13: Colossus Trade Paperback. Yeah, it's THAT good! In case you've never read it, the Robot13 comic is a proud contributor to the "monster-killer in monster's clothing" genre popularized by the likes of Blade and Hellboy. And since I'm one of the cool kids, you should follow my lead and do it too. 
Or just do it because Robot13 is awesome. Either way...

Robot13 is spooky and mesmerizing, thanks to the indy-fabulous writer-artist team of Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford. Unlike Blade and Hellboy, R13 hasn't hit the big screen yet, but Thomas Hall's writing does what I wish more comics-to-film adaptations would at least attempt: It takes its time. Hall isn't really in a rush to explain his hapless amnesiac star to us all at once. He gives the reader the opportunity to ask the important questions before he answers them. And he's smart enough to unleash his artist Daniel Bradford's obvious desire to draw his bone-faced hero in bloody combat with various mythical beasts. Bradford clearly takes pleasure in illustrating horrific violence in a way that adds little bits of comedy into this comic, and helps to enrich the story.
 Having read and reviewed the story arc that will populate Robot13: Colossus, I immediately put down $13, the minimum pledge to get a copy of the paperback mailed to me when it comes out, and all kidding aside, I'd recommend you click here to do the same.  In fact, I have a couple ideas about raising more money to increase my pledge (I want that glow-in-the-dark tee shirt!) before the March 13th deadline... 
stay tuned...

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