"Mama's Boyz" on Black History Month

This had me dying. Just saw this in my email newsletters... Cop Jerry Craft's Mama's Boyz: The Big Picturewhere ever good books are sold. Unless they don't carry books with/by black people and stuff, in which case, eff them. Get it on Amazon instead!



Arkonbey said...

At least, Henrietta Lacks is getting a bit of respect now?

I'm still waiting for Matthew Henson to get the recognition he deserves.

I do feel bad not liking Neil deGrasse Tyson very much. Sure, he's smart and all but, he's nowhere near as diplomatic or poetic or personable as Carl Sagan.

samax amen said...

Carl Sagan is a star for sure...

Jerry Craft said...

Thanks for the love!!! Just wanted to say that as an independent publisher, Amazon takes WAYYYY to big of a cut. Always try to order right from the creators' site. They make a bigger profit. In my case it's http://mamasboyz.com/products/index.html


samax amen said...

Word. I'm reluctant to put stuff on Amazon for that reason, even though some readers would prefer to buy stuff there.

It's a real balancing act...

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