D-pi takes a Katana to Romeo & Juliet

The man who brought you Gratuitous Ninja and Sentences (his editor calls him Ron Wimberly) knows what you need, baby... and he's gonna give it to you...

We are vocal boosters of Wimberly's work, which epitomizes everything we stand for here at GhettoManga, so I was excited when my dude Jamar sent me a link to Wimberly's Prince of Cats tumblr joint. Wimberly's dropping production sketches and art about his upcoming Vertigo graphic novel, which re-imagines the bard's Romeo and Juliet in urban hipster setting and attire.
On Prince of Cats, Wimberly's bringing the storytelling chops that has brought critical acclaim to the MF GRIMM biocomic Sentences and the hood rich visionary style that fueled Gratuitous Ninja and earned him a cult following. I think this book has the potential to be a big hit for Wimberly, and can't wait to get more info from him. Prince of Cats is slated to drop in September from DC's Vertigo line. You already know I will get you more info as it becomes available!



corance said...

This has a-lot of potential. Those swords look hard!

Mr. Hawthorne said...

Ron is easily one of my favorites! Can't wait for this.

samax amen said...

hell yeah!

ross said...

can't wait for this!

samax amen said...

Me neither!

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