"I am not selling CDs or mp3s. I am selling soul food you can digest with ease..." -@AkilNadir

I'm sure Akil Nadir did not come out of nowhere. I'm sure he was born as a baby, made dumb choices as a teen and grew up like everyone else. But when I heard Word Is Bond, the unbelievably dope single from The Anti Nigger: A Humble Ardor Mixtape... I felt like this cat sprung out of a god's brain fully formed, calling down fire from the sky, speaking my language...

"I do what I gotta. Because I'm a provider/ 
and a protector with a .38 chrome revolver..."
One of my favorite things to talk about is grown man rap. Akil Nadir raps about parenting and making wise decisions and sounds cool doing it. He raps about the blessing/burden of being dope or whatever too... In his rhymes Akil simultaneously distances himself from the typical rap bandwagon foolishness and embraces the possibility that there's more to this hip hop shit than is immediately apparent. As he growls on the hook to Black Magic, "I don't know these niggas.I don't speak to these niggas when I see these niggas. But still I seldom ever see niggas. I'm sitting with the brothas who build and think bigger..."

Anyways, this shit is dope. If you know what's good for you (or you're at least smart enough that you WANNA know what's good for you), you'll head over to Akil Nadir's bandcamp and download this joint free.
Yeah, you're welcome.


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