Mike Hawthorne x Jean Grae = WHERE DO I SIGN?!?

Assassins by Mike Hawthorne
Shout out to my dude Mike Hawthorne, whose art appears in this video teasing Jeannie's long-awaited long-player Cake or Death...
Cake or Death Trailer from W.A.R. Media on Vimeo.

Yeah, and she can rhyme too...

I don't know how "soon" the record will be out, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna have some quality rhyming on it, cause that's what she's known for. Mike actually did this piece as a commission for a fellow JG fan, and somehow word got back to her about it, and (of course) she freaking loved it! Everybody's day was made. Hopefully they'll get it colored up and smack that joint on the ceedee (after paying Mike a generous sum, of course), because I need Cake or Death in my life, and I would love a copy of this piece as well.



Mr. Hawthorne said...

Thanks, dude! Yeah, Jean has big plans for where we're going to go visually with this. Not quite a full on Gorillaz re-imagining of her, but there will be an exploration of her "Assassins" character.

Gon'be good!


samax amen said...

Holee SHEET! That's awesome news! Congrats, fammo! You're my hero!

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